The long road to library school

Hi! I’m Kelli Massey and I’ve lived in Las Vegas, NV since 2010.

I’ve been married for 25 years and we have three kids.  Until my youngest started school I mostly stayed home with them and worked part-time jobs occasionally.  One of those jobs was in the Technical Services department of the Arlington Public Library in Texas.  I fell in love with library work and from then on the jobs I sought were in libraries.

Arlington Public Library, Texas 1993-1994

Springfield-Greene County Library, Missouri October 1997-March 1998

Watauga Public Library, Texas October 2004-September 2006

Hood County Public Library, Texas September 2006-December 2006

Peachtree City Library, Georgia September 2007-April 2010

It was while working at Peachtree City Library that I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grow up….a librarian!  My children were old enough that I felt I would be able to focus on my studies and I made the decision to go back to school.

The first step was to finish my Bachelor’s degree since I dropped out when I got married in 1991.  Clayton State University in Morrow, GA was not far from where I lived so I applied there and finished a degree in Integrative Studies in December 2009.  I chose Integrative Studies because that was the fastest route to library school, which was my ultimate goal.

I started  Valdosta State University’s ALA-accredited MLIS program in January 2010. I was finally in library school!  By the time I graduated in May of 2012 we had moved to Las Vegas, but I was so proud to have finished that I made the trip back to Georgia for the graduation ceremony.

At the time of graduation I was working for an aviation company in Las Vegas as a Document Custodian.  Basically I built and maintain a digital library of technical publications for the aircraft, newest service bulletins, manuals, etc.  I figured I would move to a “real” library after I received my degree but I’m still there and now have the title of Information Specialist.

Because of a wonderful manager who believed in me and recognized the value a library could bring to the company I was given the opportunity to build a corporate library from the ground up.  Not many people are able to say that and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Now in addition to maintaining the tech pubs library I have built a circulating print collection of professional development and industry resources and a digital collection of e-books and audiobooks with OverDrive.  I offer traditional reference and research services to over 100 employees, and I collect, curate, and disseminate industry news company-wide on a regular basis. I have archived historical company information in both hard copy and digital format, and written finding guides for those archives. I’ve compiled bibliographies on topics of interest and written research reports and other deliverables for management. As our newest service we offer language learning through Rosetta Stone for which I am the administrator.

Please use the Contact form if I can send you my resume or further information.

Thanks for reading!